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We cater to Residential Condominiums of varying magnitude, Construction & Manufacturing sites, Commercial businesses & towers, malls, outlets and supermarkets, Educational Institutions, schools, colleges and universities, stationary & mobile services for Truck Yards and controlling all types of Events.

Security is a specialized profession, an expertise that you need to protect your assets, properties, and valuables. Free yourself form worries. Let Absolute Security look after your security needs!

Our Service Areas

Construction and Manufacturing

Often pursued by criminals, let’s protect your machinery, material & valuable with years of experience & skill.

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Safeguarding construction & manufacturing sites is close to our heart because Absolute Security began its operations with a construction site back in 2008. When it comes to burglary planning, construction sites are on top of criminals list because it is deemed easy and low risk with high reward activity.

Under an estimation, approximately $46 million worth of theft occur per annum at construction sites across Canada. Companies lose tools, materials, handheld gadgets, and small machinery in planned, quick & sting raids in addition to illegal onsite dumping. The unfortunate part is such losses aren’t covered by insurance if the site is without security.

Guarding these sites need experienced professionals. Let Absolute Security undertake the task to safeguard your sites. Our management as well as stationary, patrol and mobile guards have years of experience in looking after construction and manufacturing sites with technology and attention to details.

Our Construction and Manufacturing Services offers:

  • Guard(s) stationed on post(s).
  • Patrol Guards
  • Entry/Exit Access Control
  • Fence & Boundary Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Locking and Unlocking
  • Remote Video Watching

We will prepare & present post orders customized to peculiar needs of your site before entering formal service contracts.

Secure your sites with our expert service. Contact us today for consultation so we can offer Absolute Security for your peace of mind, that too at competitive rates.

Condominiums and Residential

Skilled condo security personnel ensuring safety of people and property along with topnotch concierge services.

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Absolute Security Ltd.’s condo operation is all about safeguarding your condominiums’ tenants, visitors, and estate.

Most condominiums seek peaceful, secured, and calm environments that warrants reception service and specific security & safety arrangements for its people. Absolute Security takes pride in delivering an unmatched service at concierge, security post(s) besides mobile and remote guarding through our matured systems, while offering you competitive rates.

Our Condominium Services offers:

  • Guards on Duty
  • Reception Facility
  • Checkpoints
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Incident Response
  • Alarm Response
  • Locking and Unlocking
  • Remote Video Watching
  • Remote Entry/Exit Access Control
  • Boundary Protections
  • Fire and Life Safety

Nonetheless each condo is unique in its security requirement.  We will inspect, consult, ask questions, plan, and then present you a post order; professionally and explicitly prepared to conform to your neighborhood.

Free yourself from security worries.  Appoint us to look after your security needs.


Secure your universities, colleges, schools, and educational institutions with our practical protection solutions & trained guards.

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Can you imagine a university, college, or large school campus to be safe without security personnel?  A very ordinary presence of uniformed security guards at educational institutes generally suffice to secure it because troublemakers fathom its not a free-for-all place.

Educational institutes can be described as large congregation of students, teachers, professors, campus residents, staff members, service providers and visitors throughout day. And during the night when valuable assets, laboratory equipment, machinery, apparatus and building property need safety and protection. On top of all is the reputation & branding of an institute that cannot be compromised with disturbing or untoward incidences, quickly picked, and reported in media.  A professional security company like us that comprehends your needs is the answer.

Let us inspect & familiarize your site, prepare a plan for your approval, and then deliver an unmatched service that our guards have been trained with.  A post coder specifically written for your institute will be available to our uniformed guards on their hand-held devices.

While no two educational institutes are same, few general services will include:

  • Stationary, Foot Patrol & Mobile Guards
  • Entry/Exit Access Control – at entrance & remote
  • Fence & Boundary Protection
  • Remote Video Watching
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Incident & Alarm Response
  • Remote Security Video Watching
  • Special Event Security/ Crowd control

Safeguard your reputable educational institutions with Absolute Security.  Consult us today to plan a worry-free security and peace of mind.

Truck Yards

Both stationary guards as well as mobile security provided with expertise you can count on!

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Whether you hire stationary guard(s) on site or engage mobile guard service, one thing is certain a truck yard left unmanned without security is asking for trouble.  Theft & sabotage at trucks & trailers yards are perceived as an easy target by gangs.

What will define the type and level of security you need is based on your location, fencing & boundary protection system, whether trucks & trailers parked are empty or may contain cargo, lighting & visibility in the yard, driveways access control and hours of operation.

We at Absolute Security will safeguard your trailers, trucks, apparatus & estate with technology, skills and experience and your yards from illegal dumping / spills & onsite repairs.  We will provide you with customized security specific to your needs.  While a guard on site is the best option for maximum security, we will be happy to do a free site inspection to evaluate and submit our recommendations.

Our Truck Yard Services offers:

  • Guards on Duty
  • Access Control with Gate Duties
  • Checkpoints
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Parking Control
  • Remote Video Watching
  • Remote Entry/Exit Access Control
  • Boundary & Fence Protection

Choose peace of mind.  Call us today and let our experienced guards protect your assets, equipment, and parts.


Commercial estates, corporate and office protected from theft, vandalism, & trespassers with assistance offered to occupants, visitors, deliveries & more.

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Security for the commercial segment is a broad range that demands unique solutions for unique challenges faced at Officer Towers, Malls, Retail Stores, Supermarkets and Warehouses. Commercial properties have distinct departments and caretakers where their interests are unified but their expectations from security can vary.  Appointed security firm therefore must be smart & experienced to assimilate the needs and knit them together for one prime objective: safety and security of your premises.  We at Absolute Security discern this well and will employ expertise in delivering a seamless service that satisfies all parties.

Our well trained and experienced guards will attentively safeguard your property from loiters, shoplifting, damage, theft, and defacement.  We will safeguard your exteriors, entrances, shops & stores while caring how crucial it is not to let down the customer service standards.

Our Commercial Services offer:

  • Stationary Guards
  • Patrol Guards
  • Mobile Vehicle Patrol
  • Reception and Concierge
  • Lock and Unlock Services
  • Access Control
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Perimeter Protection
  • 24 x 7 Alarm Response Units
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Site Security Assessments
  • Focused Training

Whether you need a regular stationary guard at the entrance of a retail store or supermarket, or a team to watch over all entry / exit gates, or perhaps vigilant security personnel to glide through the entire premises while pleasantly greeting your customers, Absolute Security has the knowhow you are looking for.   For commercial buildings and office towers of varying magnitudes our well-dressed and fully trained guards can man your front offices and concierges.

Simply let us know your requirements.  We will design a customized post order, get your approval, and then offer an outstanding service.


Large & small crowd management – Access, fence & parking control and Reception & concierge – all aspects of your events are covered with our security.

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It seems you are organizing an event.  Thank you for coming to the right site, if you take a minute in reading the paragraphs below you will not need to search any further.

First things first, Absolute Security Ltd. recognizes and believes in the basic rule; no Events can be totally successful without security.  In other words, security is an integral part of events.  Whether you are organizing big shows like concerts, sports events, outdoor / indoor festivals, and trade shows or private parties, conferences, or meetings at mid to smaller levels, it cannot be managed without some degree of security.  And no event security can be managed without reviewing the details first.

You may be repeating the same event for many years, but the security must be planned from ground zero as no two events are identical.  Our first recommendation therefore is to meet and discuss your unique event; its duration, size, venue, expected VIPs, gentry and audience that need to be catered for.  Once facts are gathered, we will mobilize our expertise and experience to prepare a thorough plan, present and get your approval and then will deliver a topnotch service.

Appropriate security personnel with the right background & training will be deployed for access & crowd control, VIP service & escort, screening, ID checks, fence protection, locking & unlocking, during and afterhours protection of organizers’, performers’, and exhibitors’ assets & equipment, and emergency management for safe atmosphere at all time. Depending on size of event, a required number of senior guard(s) will be assigned as team leader(s) with continuous support of mobile supervisors, 24 x7 dispatch backing and an on-call management representative for overall effective execution of a secured event. 

Have a protected and worry-free event with Absolute Security safeguarding it. Initial consultation is free, please call us now.

Worry Free Security with Skilled Professionals

If security did not warrant expertise and experience, you could hire own personnel to manage it. Genuine and worry-free security however is a professional undertaking you can trust. Let Absolute Security safeguard you.

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We value the feed back from our clients

“Absolute Security Ltd., Has been a pleasure to work with, always coming thru when needed on multiply sites with prompt and professional service. Keep up the great work and service.”

Enzo Ristagno

ECS Engineering

“Very good to deal with, in constant contact, great rates, always able to help even with VERY last minute requests (and sometimes cancellations), extended requirements, etc.”

Linda Carter

Its always great to be part of Absolute Security They are very supportive towards everyone and their services are amazing in every sector of security whether on Special Events, Construction sites , Clubs and Commercial buildings. I will always prefer Absolute Security to my near and dears.


“Guys thank you very much for attending the meeting, i understand it is very difficult to take out time from your personal lives especially on a weekend, I appreciate everyone’s time and effort.”

Lisa Hughson

Absolute security is very professional company and they treat staff in a friendly manner. Every 15 min’s we will be in touch base with dispatcher, it feels very safe in the site. Also, very much comfortable to rotate shifts prior to week before.

Venkatesh Kalluri

“Absolute is a great company, the staff is friendly and professional. They are always willing to help, 24/7 dispatch makes on-duty time very easy and make staff feel safe and secured on site by keeping in touch. I have been with Absolute for almost a year now.”

Jashan Gurm

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

Micheal O Malley

Honestly the best company providing security services in GTA. The thing that makes this company extra ordinary is they keep in touch with their gaurd, gaurds are supposed to report onsite situation every 15 minutes to their management. Maybe that’s why they got to work for prime minister during last elections. No other company provides such great services in the rates they offer. It was a great experience working with them. Honestly did not know security services could be this professional.

Suleman Haider

“We had a very professional service with this company.”

Sarah Tremblay

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